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About JBS United

JBS United is an animal nutrition company that uses a research-based approach to product development and commercialization of new and improved solutions for our customers.

Research-Based Product Development

JBS United is a global leader in animal health and nutrition. What began as a feed company has grown with purpose to become an international leader in animal health and nutrition. In the early years JBS United understood the value of research and invested in facilities that allowed that research to be applied in the same settings as our customers. If you want a competitive edge and access to the best information to produce healthy and profitable animals, JBS United is for you.


Our applied research philosophy creates better innovation and reliability in our products. We make sure we are providing you with the most ground-breaking ideas before your competition. With JBS United as your partner, you stay ahead of the game 


Strong relationships are formed with trust. We work with you to understand your business and your problems and partner with you to increase your bottom line. We offer advice for all areas of your operation. When you are successful, we’re successful. 


At JBS United, we are an accountable partner in your results. With proprietary research information, we provide customers with guidance that will provide the most productive outcomes. We are a results focused company working for you.

“With a heritage in animal science spanning more than a half-century, JBS United continues to advance animal nutrition, feed manufacturing and livestock production. ”
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RumaBlend is a feed supplement designed to increase ADG by increasing carbohydrate digestibility of feed for dairy cows while lowering morbidity and mortality. Learn More

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